Roulette Predictor by Winning Mon[k]ey

Roulette Predictor is a software designed by Giacomo Impoco and created by the Winning Mon (k) ey team. It is based on sophisticated mathematical calculations and on a powerful and advanced algorithm (proprietary) already used by many players all over the world.

What is Roulette Predictor?

Roulette Predictor is suitable for all types of players, even those who do not often play Roulette.
Roulette Predictor is a software easy to use and applicable on all French (or European, without double 00) roulette.
Roulette Predictor does not need to be installed but is a Web software that can be used by any device (PC or Smartphone). 
You can set the STOP LOSS (loss limit) so be sure to stop if things don't go the right way!

How does Roulette predictor work?

Roulette Predictor uses a NON-linear algorithm that is completely foreign and invisible to online casinos. Our team has decided (in agreement with the many beta testers) to NOT AUTOMATE communication with roulette rooms. 
The Online Casino will not be able to apply any filter to the player who uses it and therefore to know in advance the game.
This is the prerogative that differentiates us from other software that, despite saying the opposite, is connected to the casinos through their API calls.

Why choose Roulette predictor?

Very high chances of victory

You don't have to install anything, you can use it wherever you want!

It's not connected to casinos, it's transparent!

You can enter STOP LOSS and stop when appropriate!